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What can Feng Shui do for you?

From where you choose to sit in a restaurant, to what colour you choose to paint your walls, you are engaging with Feng Shui on a daily basis. It is, put simply, the way in which we interact with our environments - something we all do. A language if you like, that we all speak, though we aren't even consciously aware of it.  There is an old Chinese saying, "all things in your home are talking to you, make sure they have nice things to say". You are in constant communication with your surroundings, but are you aware of what is being said?  

My desire is to help you translate, through the language and symbolism of your home, what your inner being is expressing, and to help you to:

  • Identify and release unhelpful subconscious narratives and limiting beliefs that your surroundings are reflecting.

  • Reproduce in your home environment elements of the natural world that signal to your deeper mind that you are safe, supported and living in abundance.

  • Bring more vitality into your life by achieving a healthy circulation of energy ('chi').

  • Achieve beauty and balance in your space by harmonising the colours, shapes and materials.

  • Connect to your innate power by setting intentions that are aligned with your true nature.

Feng Shui Coaching

I offer 1:1 online Feng Shui coaching, allowing you to sign up to a month by month service where I will guide you through improving the Feng Shui of your home, one small task at a time. This is done through a combination of video calls and a private 1:1 Facebook group where I can track your progress, help you make decisions and coach you through the steps required to improve the Feng Shui of your home. I will be there to support you in interpreting the language of your home, which will help you to identify and release subconscious narratives and self limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a life of ease and balance.

Feng Shui Consultation

A Feng Shui consultation is done in three parts, either through three onsite visits, or an initial home visit with two online follow up consultations. This process allows time for you to implement and integrate changes gradually and effectively. A consultation analyses;

- How your home was built  

- The interior design of the home 

- How you have arranged your furniture and decor

Coaching /a Consultation includes;

  • Assessing and 'completing' the floorplan and energetic structure of your home using the bagua map.

  • Correcting energetic imbalances.

  • Achieving a healthy circulation of chi (energy).

  • Aligning your home with the seasons and flow of nature.

  • Harmonising colours, shapes and materials.

  • Interpreting symbolism within the home (art, photographs, possessions etc.)

  • De-cluttering 

  • Supporting you in setting aligned intentions

  • Arranging furniture to promote ease and empowerment

Feng Shui Home Styling

A Feng Shui home styling session is an option for anyone interested in using the art of space arrangement to improve the overall energy of their space. This is done by working with the energies of the five natural elements; water, wood, fire, earth & metal, and the colours, shapes & materials that represent them, to achieve beauty, harmony & balance within the space. Furniture placement is also addressed to ensure key pieces like beds, desks and sofas are positioned in a way that promotes ease, relaxation and empowerment. 

“We depend on our surroundings obliquely to embody the moods and ideas we respect and then to remind us of them. We look to our buildings to hold us, like a kind of psychological mould, to a helpful vision of ourselves. We arrange around us material forms which communicate to us what we need — but are at constant risk of forgetting that we need — within"


- Alain de Botton     

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